Last Mile Distribution Center
Miami, Florida

Parking Lot Resurfacing • Tenant Build-Outs • Fencing Repair & Installation • General Construction

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Last Mile Distribution Center

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Case Study: Last Mile Distribution Center In Miami, Florida

M.A. Construction Group was selected for this project based on our reputation of excellence as one of the best Asphalt Paving and General Contractors in Florida

Asphalt Paving Project Start

October, 2020

We were originally hired to resurface the entire parking lot.

General Construction, Fencing, and Warehouse Renovations

During the parking lot overlay process, and after discussions with the owner, we were selected to accomplish various General Construction, Fencing, and Warehouse Renovation projects.

Overall Objectives

Parking Lot Resurfacing ○ Tenant Build-Outs ○ Fencing Repair & Installation ○ Warehouse Renovations ○ General Construction

Parking Lot Resurfacing

  • Entire parking lot was resurfaced

Fencing Removal and Installation

  • Existing old, insecure and rusted fencing was removed
  • New, secure fencing was installed around the perimeter of the property
  • Installation of driveway swing gates and pedestrian access gates

Exterior Warehouse Renovations

  • New loading dock bumpers installed
  • Concrete removal and replacement of the surface of the loading docks
  • All overhead doors serviced

Interior Warehouse Renovations

  • Demolition of existing offices within the warehouse to increase the usable space within the warehouse
  • Repair of the demising wall
  • Openings in exterior wall were closed with concrete masonry block, mortar and stucco
  • All handrails, fire sprinklers, and the ceiling were painted
  • New fire extinguishers and exit lighting added (where needed)
  • 6 interior handrails were installed for the entrance to the interior office spaces
  • 2 existing bathrooms were refurbished with new sewer lines, water lines, fixtures, accessories and flooring

Tenant Build Outs

  • Demolition of existing office spaces
  • Construction of new modern, private offices
  • New full conference room with electric outlet set inside the concrete floor
  • New LED lighting with occupancy sensors
  • New flooring including carpet tiles and LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile) with vinyl cover base
  • New common areas and staff break room with kitchenette
  • Additional office spaces with a lounge
  • New HVAC systems
  • New electric panels and service
  • New sewer line, water service, water heater
  • ADA Compliant bathrooms
  • New hi-low water fountain
  • Installed janitor's closet with a mop sink

Square Footage Of Property

  • The office space is approximately 3000 square feet
  • The parking lot is approximately 56,000 square feet
  • The fencing was approximately 1700 linear feet with 3 sets of swing gates and 1 rolling gate

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